Dressage and Clear Round Jumping

Ludlow and District Riding Club Hosts
Unaffiliated Dressage and clear round
Starting at 5.30 pm:
Wednesday 17th May 2023 – Clear round only
Thursday 14th June 2023
Wednesday 5th July 2023
Wednesday 16th August 2023
Wednesday 13th September 2023

Lower House Farm, Ludlow Road, Aston Munslow, Nr Craven Arms SY7 9EP

Dressage – £10.50
Dressage plus Clear Round – £15.50
Class 1 – Intro B (2009)
Class 2 – Prelim 2 (revised 2016)
Class 3- Prelim 14 (revised 2016)
Class 4 Novice 24 (revised 2016)
Class 5 – A choice of Novice 27 or Elementary 42

Clear Round Showjumping available at £5.25 a round. Height adjustable, no rosettes, from 5.30pm onwards
Rules – This event is being run under current BRC rules
Bridle/Saddle cloth numbers are to be worn on both sides of the horse
LDRC will not tolerate any verbal or physical abuse of its members, competitors, spectators or animals and reserves the right to ask any person deemed to be behaving inappropriately to leave the showground.
Any animal behaving in a manner which may pose a danger to other attendees may be asked to leave the ring / show ground – no refund of entry fees will be made.
Stallions must display a stallion disc at all times.
Horses or ponies must be at least 4 years of age to compete.
Horses must not be unattended tied to the outside of vehicles. No haynets to be tied to the outside of vehicles.
Directions of any steward or representative of LDRC must be followed, failure to do so may result in elimination and / or being asked to leave a class / the show ground. No refund of entry fees will be made.
The judge’s decision is final. Any objections must be made in accordance with BRC rule G14l.
[Human] First aid available – contact the secretary.
LDRC, the BHS, BRC and the land owners, accept no responsibility for accident, injury, loss or damage to any horse, vehicles, riders, grooms, spectators etc. while in attendance at this event. 

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