About us

We are a small, friendly club & welcome anyone to join us! We provide training & competitions in the areas surrounding Ludlow. We offer flatwork, jumping and cross country training, as well as ground work sessions at a range of venues. We cater for all levels with enthusiastic and encouraging instructors. We also run a yearly weekend camp for our members which is always a lot of fun. We also run a summer series of dressage & clear round jumping, which is very low key, our main priority is that everyone has fun!

If you are interested in competing there are lots of opportunities, as LDRC compete in a range of competitions including Mercian, Area and unaffiliated.

Meet the LDRC Committee

Hayley Norgrove – Chairperson & Area SJ / Eventing Team Manager

I am Operations Manager for a Shrewsbury based company called Dulson Training Ltd. We provide driver training for all categories of vehicles from cars (Category B) to Class 1 HGV’s (Category CE). If you need some trailer training or your lorry licence then please don’t hesitate to contact me. I have been riding since I was 11, and enjoy training and I’m competing my wonderful mare Molly in most disciplines

Email: chair@ludlowanddistrictridingclub.co.uk
Deborah West – Secretary

I started riding when I was 8, life got in the way and after the age of 18 and I didn’t ride again until I was 52. I did my nurse training in my mid 40’s and graduated when I was 48. I moved to Ludlow 3 years ago. 

We have had horses for the last 8 years. I pay the bills and Georgia does all the work (I think I’m the winner, particularly in Winter!)

I saw the club asking for volunteers last year and Georgia and I decided to give it a go. We have already attended a very good clinic this year and we look forward to many more events in 2024.

Georgia Hoskins – Treasurer

Hi my name is Georgia, I started riding at about 10 years old, working on riding yards with the RDA and young kids. Now mother of 2 at 30 and have 2 ponies. Mazie is my main pony, we excel at dressage and are hoping to go up the levels this year with lots of training and going out more.

Hoping to meet more people and make friends and enjoy doing lots of stuff with the club.

Wendy Woodward – Mercian Team Manager & Organiser of Aston Munslow Events 

I’ve been a member of the committee since the start of the club and have been Mercian rep since then. I also love running the friendly, low key dressage competitions at Aston Munslow in the summer evenings. It’s lovely to see people progress over the 5 months we run. 

Myself I have a horse called Liffi, I’ve owned him for 6 months, we love going and doing all disciplines at grass roots level.

Sarah Stilliard – Area Dressage Team Manager 

I started riding when I was 6 and have had the bug ever since! I bought my first horse at 18 and Ted is now my fourth horse, having owned him since 2016. We love to jump, having competed at Mercian when we lived in Worcestershire, before stepping up to Area competitions. We took up dressage year, having previously only tolerated it as part of unaffiliated eventing, but he seems to love it! I look forward to encouraging more members to join me in Area dressage competitions in 2024.

Heather Blythe – Venues & Catering

I have 6 horses, with three enjoying their well-earned retirement and three in work. I’ve recently returned to riding after a year’s break so I’m taking things steady but looking forward to competing in amateur small hunter classes this year with my grey Ozzie and watching my middle-weight hunter Arthur compete with Matthew Ainsworth again. I’m always more than happy to share the ups and downs of competing on the county circuit with members if they feel it would be of interest! In the meantime I’m looking forward to joining in some of the clinics and having fun with fellow LDRC members.

Sarah Alderson – Bow House Clinics

I have one horse, Polly, who I love doing a bit of everything with. We hack, jump, and just have fun. We aren’t very good at flatwork but we will get there !!

I struggle with my confidence competing but I am looking at doing a few competitions this year. I enjoy clinics and training and meeting people. I hope to encourage people to come along to lessons and enjoy them at whatever level they are working at. If you want to share a lesson if it’s flat, pole or jump I’m always happy to fit in wherever!

Katie Kimber – Website and Social Media 

I have one horse, Millie (pictured) and a naughty welsh palomino companion pony. I have been around horses my whole life. My main passion is eventing, (although I haven’t managed to do any myself with any real success!) I love the sport in general, especially following the top level sport.

I also have a big interest in social media and digital marketing, hence helping out with this role in the club.

Lisa Berrey – Health & Safety Officer  



Julie Tustin – Fundraising

I fell in love with horses as a young girl & started riding at the local riding school age 9. My parents could never afford to buy me a pony. I must have broken their hearts, I asked for a pony every birthday & christmas. But after a break, I eventually got my own horse age 30 & have had horses ever since. I have 2 horses, a coloured mare called Tilly, who I love to hack, do clinics & lessons with. Also, Boxer a chestnut loveable companion pony. Always enjoy abit of company whilst out hacking.

Alex Pinfield – Fundraising

I joined the club in summer 2023 when I moved to the area. Everyone has been very welcoming. I am now fundraising rep for 2024.

I started riding when I was 7 years old and have competed in most disciplines on a wide variety of young horses. For the past 5 years I have been hacking friends horses around the Shropshire countryside but I am now looking forward to getting involved with club events in 2024. Away from horses I work as an agricultural advisor and love walking the hills with my Huntaway, Odin. 

Marian Pinches – Training 

I started riding when I was 11 and now have my two retired horses, Duke and Bloss, both in their 30’s. I have weekly lessons at my local riding school and love to enter E-Riders dressage competitions.

I’m an Estate Agent in Ludlow and also a Sheep Farmer! I look forward to arranging clinics for the club and meeting all of our lovely members.