Marie Ryan Talk – Report

A huge thank you to Marie Ryan for an inspiring talk last night for LDRC on riding under pressure and strategies for conquering nerves. Members commented that Marie’s wise words related to non-riding situations such as managing work colleagues as well! We couldn’t have had such a successful evening without the generosity and fabulous food from Heather Blythe, thank you! We will be arranging some more clinic dates with Marie so watch out for announcements on FB and our web page.

Area 18 Show Jumping – Report

Thank you to everyone who took part and supported our first area competition as a riding club today at Lincomb in the area 18 winter show jumping. We had two teams in the 80 cm class, two teams in the 90 cm class and Heather Blythe who went as an individual in the 100 cm. All the horses jumped well and the weather held for us. There was great team spirit and we brought home some rosettes as well! Lou Burns was individually 6th in the 90 cm class, teams came 3rd and 4th in the 90 and the 80 teams were 10th and 12th. Thank you to Worcester Riding Club for hosting and all the volunteers for making the day run smoothly. Sorry I didn’t get photos of everyone, but here are the ones I did get – all of the 80 teams as I was riding in the 90!

Equine Influenza – Official guidance from BRC in relation to the upcoming area competitions

“A lot of local vets are recommending a booster if your horses have not been vaccinated in the last 6 months which is totally fine with BRC. However please do not forget that horses must not have had a vaccination 7 days prior to an area qualifier. This means the last day for your horses to be vaccinated before the SJ qualifier is 15th February. Unfortunately any horses vaccinated between the 16th – 23rd February will not be able to compete and will have to go home. We really don’t want to send anyone home so please make sure all your teams & individuals are aware of the rules.

If you are thinking of having a vaccination before the Dressage qualifier then the last day for vaccinations will be 17th March 2019.

The link to the BHS / BRC update on Equine influenza is HERE  and there are also details on the Area 18 & BRC facebook pages. If you follow the BHS link, there is a link to the AHT pdf which has some really useful detail on the reported outbreaks.

I have also attached the BRC flu vac checker but if anyone has any questions, I am happy to check passports by email, mobile or facebook before the Show jumping qualifier. Just send me pictures of the passport pages and I’m more than happy to check them. Don’t forget that the vaccinations must be recorded in the passport, I’ve had a few people where the vet has done the vaccination but not recorded it in the passport. It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure its correct, not the vet, BRC etc.

Contact email is:”


Clinics cancelled 9th-11th February 2019

Hi Everyone,

Due to the outbreak of equine influenza, as a club LDRC have taken the decision to cancel all clinics this weekend (9th-11th February).  We will re-arrange the clinics for alternative dates and you can hold your payment over or receive a refund.  Please contact your clinic organiser and let them know which you would prefer.

We will keep you updated on the situation in the following days/weeks.  In the meantime please could you check your horses flu vaccinations are up to date and watch out for the symptoms.  More information can be found here.

Clinics cancelled:

9th February

  • Ashford Court – Margaret L Payne (contact Lou Burns)
  • Hillocks – Mandy Kent (contact Louise Killey)

10th February

  • Dudgeley – Jane Palmer (contact Marian Pinches)

11th February

  • Ashford Court – Gary Morgan (contact Lou Burns)

Christmas Team Jumping at Allenshill

On the 30th December on a cold but sunny day we had a fantastic turnout for the Christmas team show jumping at Allens Hill.  Sporting our hoodies, gilets and saddle cloths it was hard to miss us!  At one point there was only Ludlow riding club in the warm up arena there were so many of us.  There was a great team spirit, we walked the courses together and supported each other as each team member jumped.  We even managed to park near to each other so it really felt as if we were part of a community.  There were some great results on the day, but more importantly everyone had fun and the horses went well. Luckily there are quite a few mammals beginning with the letter ‘L’ which helped with team names! Results are below:


70cm Ludlow Leopards (3rd) Morgan Wrighton, Wendy Woodward, Lou Burns, Lou Killey (ind 5th)

70cm Ludlow Lions (5th) Hayley Norgrove, Wendy Woodward, Emma Killey, Pete Brown

80cm Ludlow Lemurs (5th): Morgan Wrighton, Kim Rawlings, Pete Brown, Natalie Canning

80cm Ludlow Lizards: Hayley Norgrove, Lou Killey, Wendy Woodward, Emma Killey

90cm Ludlow Llamas: Geoff Lovis, Kim Rawlings, Lou Burns, Natalie Canning


Festive Progressive SJ At Stoke Court

The 28th December saw our first progressive clear round event at Stoke Court, Greete.  We catered for everyone’s needs, starting with poles and small jumps, all the way up to a meter.  There were lots of people on hand to put jumps up or down depending on needs and everyone jumped as much or as little as they wanted.  It was a very relaxed atmosphere, perfect for young horses and nervous riders although everyone was more confident at the end.  We hope to run some more of these events so look out for them on our webpage and facebook.

Christmas Meal @ The Salwe

Thank you to everyone who came to the first LDRC Christmas meal held at the Salwey Arms, Ludlow on Monday 10th December. Everyone had a great evening with good company and food! Hayley Norgrove won the ‘make a Christmas present for your horse’ competition. Spencer (the horse) will be very pleased with Hayley and her mum’s stocking creation along with the apple treats prize! Congratulations to the winning quiz team, a very close competition and thanks to Pete Brown for creating the picture round and Hayley Fletcher for coming up with the questions! A special thanks to Liz Caulfield for creating the Ferrero Rocher roses and hand crafting many of the prizes. This worked like a tombola with a winning ticket hid beneath some of the Ferrero Rocher. There are still some prizes left and we will roll this over to our progressive clear round event on the 28th December at Stoke Court. See you there!

Why have we set up LDRC?

In response to questions regarding why the new Ludlow and District Riding club has been established we would like to clarify the following:

We have set up LDRC to support and provide training for horse riders in Shropshire.

Approximately 2.5 years ago the SSRC committee decided to stop providing training in Shropshire. At the time a letter was written through Louise Killey and was signed by members who lived in South Shropshire.  The letter argued that the lack of training wasn’t meeting members’ needs, as no other club provided training in South Shropshire at the time. As a consequence Louise Killey was dismissed from the SSRC committee.

In the intervening time period no other club has stepped in to fill the void in training.  Due to the popularity of unaffiliated training run by Louise Killey at the Hillocks, and Lou Burns at Ashford Court it has become clear that there is a demand for training in Shropshire and so the decision was made to set up an affiliated club.

At no point have we wished to cause any disruption to SSRC or any other local riding club. We only want to fill the gap in training between Ludlow and Church Stretton. We plan to remain a small club with our membership based primarily in this area.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their positive support and kind wishes at the beginning of a new adventure for LDRC.

The link to the map shows where riding clubs in area 18 and area 15 hold their current training clinics.