LDRC offer the opportunity to be involved in many competitions, including official Area and Mercian competitions, fun team competitions at local venues, as well as our own competitions such as the Christmas Progressive Clear Round. We are also organising the BRC Area 18 Summer Dressage Qualifiers this year!

Area Competitions

Area competitions are for members who would like to be part of a team, competing against other riding clubs in our area (West Midlands – area 18).  These competitions cover all disciplines and are organised throughout the year.  Below are details of the different area competitions and you can find the dates on the Area 18 website.  If we are lucky enough to qualify, there are National Championships we can take part in.

Show Jumping

For teams of 4 riders, the best 3 scores to count and individuals.

Riders jump two rounds.  All rounds are timed, with the second round being timed and this time is used to determine minor placings when faults cannot do this.  If there is equality for first place after the second round then there will be a jump off against the clock.  There are four height levels in the winter competitions – 80 (team competition only) 90, 100 and 110.  There are five height levels in the summer competitions – 70, 80, 90, 100 and 110

Style Jumping

For Senior and Junior riders.  Open to teams of 4 and individuals.

Each team consists of two riders jumping a 75 cm course and two riders jumping an 85 cm course.  Riders jump one round and are judged on the style of their riding.  Riders must salute the judge when entering the arena, and then canter a figure of eight until the signal to start is given; during this time, they will be judged for style on the flat.

Horse Trials

For teams of 4 riders, the best 3 scores to count and individuals.

Riders compete in dressage, show jumping and cross country on the same day.  There are four height levels – 80, 90, 100 and 100+.

Festival of the Horse (FOTH) Challenge

For teams of 4 with the best 3 scores to count and individuals.

Riders negotiate a show jumping course of between 7-10 show jumps followed immediately by a cross country course with between 15-25 fences.    There are three height levels – 80, 90 and 100.

Combined Training

For teams of 4 riders, the best 3 scores to count and individuals.

Two riders complete a Prelim dressage test and show jump 75 cm.  The other two riders complete a Novice dressage test and show jump 85 cm.

Arena Eventing

For teams of 4 riders, the best 3 scores count and individuals.

Consists of a course of show jumps immediately followed by a course of cross country fences in the same arena.  The course finishes with a show jump which can be up to 10 cm higher than the rest of the course.  There is a maximum of 20 jumping efforts, 9 show jumping and 10 cross country and the final show jump fence.

Area Dressage Competitions

Area Dressage to Music

Mercian Team Competitions

Mercian competitions are run throughout the year with jumping starting at 60 cm and are ideal for the novice horse/rider combination.

Each of the participating clubs hosts one team competition every year, and as many disciplines as possible are covered, with the season culminating in a quiz.  We are now part of the Mercian group, joining eleven other clubs in area 18; Bewdley Bridle Club, Bromsgrove, Bromyard, Cropthorne and Evesham Vale, Malvern Hills, Shropshire South, Vale of Arrow, Worcester and Wyvern. Currently there is one Mercian competition run per month. 

LDRC Competitions

Throughout the year we aim to run several of our own competitions, the first of which was our fun Christmas Progressive Clear Round.